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Indoor Air Quality

Avoid Sick Building Syndrome

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Dr. James Marsden; About the tests performed on actual SARS-CoV-2 virus (Covid-19)

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Besides, Poor Indoor Air Quality Can Always Threaten Your Health. Regardless of COVID!

Most people spend over 90% of their time indoors, not knowing that the air they are breathing may be more polluted than the air outside. The Environmental Protection Agency has reported that indoor air pollution levels can be 100 times higher than the air outdoors.

Breathing contaminated air puts the health of you and your family at risk.  In fact, the American College of Allergist says that 50% of illnesses are caused or aggravated by polluted indoor air. So take control of your indoor air quality by reducing pollutants that can contribute to headache, lung irritation and fatigue as well as more long-term conditions such as asthma, allergies and infectious diseases.

Being Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) experts we offer a broad range of air purification technologies and solutions to almost any airborne problem, condition or application.

 From coil sanitation to various products for the whole HVAC system including any air conditioned space, we determine the right solution for you to have clean air.

Be informed that a dirty coil not only threatens the whole air conditioning system, and so your health, but also is up to 30% less energy efficient, which is clearly another major threat to your organization's valuable efforts for sustainability. 

Get rid of the following pollutants in your life & work spaces!







Tobacco smoke



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